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Pay As You Go:
Using time- tracking software you will be able to see reports showing a breakdown of tasks completed or in progress.
This is a good option if you have a one-off project you need help with or perhaps you are new to using a VA and want to see how well we will work together before moving on to a retainer package. You can purchase 1 hour for £30 and keep this for a month for any ad-hoc tasks you may need help with, paying parking fines, packing/researching for holidays, post office or other errands etc. 

You can secure a block of time for £250 (10 hours+) each month by pre-paying a set charge for the number of hours you need.
A monthly breakdown report will be sent to you showing precisely how your hours have been used.
You will be sent a notification of when you are close to running out so you have the opportunity to purchase more hours. Retainer hours are charged at £25 per hour. 

Bespoke Projects:
Depending on your needs, our rates can be altered to reflect individual projects. 

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Ongoing Organisation
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