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When "Life Admin" becomes too much, Surrey PA is here to help!

It is often easy to think of hiring someone for one off jobs – designing a website, creating a logo, managing an event. Senior level management often have a full time PA or even an EA, but for the smaller business and freelancers this often isn’t an option, predominately due to the cost.

It often isn’t considered of hiring a virtual PA… yet there are many advantages! They don’t have to be full time, they don’t have to be employed throughout the year and the workload can vary dependent on the clients needs.

Life can frequently in this climate become too much without people realising. Weekends are spent replying to emails rather than spending time with family and friends, evenings are spent devising strategies and plans rather than taking time to cook a meal and getting a well-deserved rest.

If this relates to you, then here are some tasks that a Virtual Assistant can undertake in order for you to get some time back, for you!:

- Email support – diary requests to the calendar, responding to clients,

- Payroll

- Database building

- Invoicing

- Proofreading

- Content writing

- Managing social media accounts

Then there is the general “Life Admin” we never have time to do:

- Finding the perfect presents

- Decluttering your inbox

- Organising accounts and passwords

- Holiday destination research

- Finding better deals for all those direct debits, whether it’s the phone contract, travel / car insurance

Get your life back in control and book a free consultation with Surrey PA today.

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