How a Virtual Assistant can support small businesses during Coronavirus

May i just start this blog with the appreciation i have for Annie at Bijou Concierge. A truly kind and wonderful lady.

How a Virtual Assistant can support small businesses during Coronavirus

A Virtual Assistant is the secret weapon every small business needs during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

Now that Boris Johnson has put the UK into lockdown and we are basically confined to our homes, small businesses are frantically trying to move online. This is where a Virtual Assistant can provide invaluable expertise and support.

Helping small businesses get online during Coronavirus

A Virtual Assistant is tech savvy and can help your small business manage change and disruption. This will help minimise the damage caused to your business by Coronavirus.

A Virtual Assistant can help small businesses in several ways including:

  • introducing them to the tools and resources they will need to work remotely

  • helping them to set up their home office

  • helping to get their business online

  • managing social media and digital marketing so they can stay connected to their clients

  • helping them to future proof their business in case of emergencies like Coronavirus

  • suggesting ways to boost mental health

We will now look at each of these in more detail.

Tools and resources to help small businesses work remotely

A Virtual Assistant can suggest tools and resources including Zoom and Slack which small businesses can use to work remotely. And if you have a team, a Virtual Assistant can help you set up to work collaboratively in the cloud. Several vendors, including Microsoft, Google, Slack, Zoom, Cisco and LogMeIn, are making chat, videoconferencing and other collaboration services free as demand for remote working booms.

Tips on setting up a home office to work remotely

A Virtual Assistant can offer tips on setting up your home office and even source the items you might need. They can also help you maximise productivity by providing suggestions on how you can stay positive and focused. After all positivity breeds productivity!

Helping small businesses get online

It is essential for small businesses to get online during the Coronavirus outbreak. A Virtual Assistant can help you with this. Other tasks a Virtual Assistant can help with include setting up online meetings, online selling platforms, online training courses and live streaming.

Staying connected during Coronavirus

It is important that small businesses reach out and stay connected to their communities at such a critical time. A Virtual Assistant can help with digital marketing during the Coronavirus outbreak including social media management, newsletters and other content.

Offering practical support

Virtual Assistants can offer practical support including helping small businesses field cancellation calls, finding out about what support is available for small businesses affected by the Coronavirus, contacting HMRC and so on.

Future-proofing small business in case of emergencies

Although a pandemic situation is quite unusual, there have been many events that have adversely affected different industries in the past. A Virtual Assistant can help small business owners put contingency plans in place should the worse happen in the future.

The importance of mental health for small business owners

It’s really important to look after your mental health while working from home during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Exercise has a positive impact on mental health. There are many online resources available including home workout exercises. And we highly recommend you try out online yoga - please get in touch for a personal referral!

And finally - a Virtual Assistant’s role has always been to help each client’s business thrive. At Surrey PA, we always go the extra mile and will be there to support you every step of the way.


And remember, we’re all in this together and will get through this together. Be kind & stay safe!


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